Family Law

At Tajik Lawyers, we provide legal advice and representation to clients experiencing family related legal issues. As experienced negotiators dealing with the complexities of family law on a daily basis, we offer easy to understand legal advice and options early on in your matter. From the initial stages (prior to separating or post separation), obtaining legal advice early allows you to have a clear grasp of the law and the legal process from start to finish.

Going through a separation can be one of the toughest stages of a person’s life. Not only are you trying to deal with your break-up, but you may be trying to handle disagreements about parenting and property. These issues can start to impact a client’s ability to think clearly and to make decisions. We can assist by explaining the legal process step by step and can assist you by negotiating on your behalf, protecting your rights and interests throughout the process. If it has been difficult to reach an amicable agreement, we can assist you by providing family law legal advice on issues such as separation, parenting and property settlements. We aim to resolve legal matters in a timely manner without the need to go to court.

At Tajik Lawyers, our family lawyer can assist you with





Parenting and
Children Matters



Binding Financial Agreements

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