We are passionate about practicing family law, an area of the law where we have found ourselves fighting for our clients in an endeavour to protect their rights and interests. We understand that parenting after separation can be difficult. Dividing time between parents is challenging especially when parents have conflicting views of what is best for them or the children.

We have represented clients who have been in constant battle over trying to come to an agreement regarding time spent with their children. When children are involved, we aim to put the children’s interests first and ensure that we assist with agreements that best suit their needs. We aim to settle matters before they end up in Court. We can provide initial legal advice so that you understand from the very start what the legal process is and what you can expect along the way.

If you reach an agreement, you are able to enter into a parenting plan which is a written agreement setting out the parenting arrangements. You can also enter into court orders by consent. This written agreement is approved by the court. Court orders are enforceable and binding. If the matter cannot be resolved, we can assist with Applications to the Family Court and can provide legal representation in Court. It can be difficult trying to deal with your family situation alone whilst trying to work and care for family. We are able to guide you through the process, provide reliable and practical advice and represent you when you need it most.

If you are seeking parenting arrangements, we are here to help.

  • Parenting plans
  • Child support agreements
  • Initiating applications
  • Responses
  • Interim orders
  • Final orders
  • Consent Orders
  • Contravention Applications
  • Parental responsibility
  • Resolution of parenting disputes including time spent with children, time spent with third parties, holidays, schooling, religious upbringing and communication amongst others
  • Breach of Court Orders for example one party not complying with Court Orders, or varying arrangements without consent of another parent
  • Special occasion time for example Christmas, Easter and other religious events/dates, birthdays, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day
  • Changeover arrangements including times, locations, assistance with the organisation of supervision if required, and liaising with supervised changeover services
  • Communication with the children for example telephone contact/facetime contact
  • Parental attendances at school events and functions, extra-curricular activities and sporting activities
  • Interstate and international travel arrangements
  • Injunctions and restraints
  • Parties not following parenting orders - contravention applications
  • Relocation Matters - moving interstate/overseas.
  • Hague Convention Matters
  • Child Protection
  • Family Counselling and programs which may assist parents
  • Mentions
  • Directions Hearings
  • Interim Hearings
  • Dispute Resolution Events – Mediations, Conciliation Conferences, Family Dispute Resolution events
  • Compliance and Readiness Hearings
  • Trial Management Hearings
  • Final Hearings

When seeking parenting orders, the best interests of the child are the paramount consideration. It is important to seek legal advice from a family lawyer before initiating legal proceedings or responding to matters in the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia.